In the United States, over 350 million people are suffering arthritis pains. The cost of arthritis is more than 303.5 billion every year.

How can 10,000 people relieve pains with portable & deep healing Red Light Therapy?

Heal in 4 weeks or FREE RETURN

Usuie Red Light Acne Device


Usuie Red Light Acne Device


           Mega Power, Mini Sized

Red light therapy has been shown to improve the flow of blood to inflamed tissues that help in healing inflammation. 


Deeper Healing

Near Infrared Red Light which is a longer wavelength can penetrate more deeply, it’s energy can be absorbed by cells much farther inside the body.

Powerful Output: Up to 2'' inches

Compare with others, Usuie Acne Device can deliver the specific wavelengths ahead our competitors, reaching 2'', penetrate deeply into the surface of the skin to help you quickly treat acne.

850 Infrared Irradiation LEDs

850nm infrared radiation penetrates to the lower 10mm muscles, reaching deep into skin.

Pain-Free Home Use

The Usuie Acne Device has been tested scientifically and shown to be effective.

Treat Your Acne In 10 Days

Red Light Therapy technology givethe skin its suppleness, so they can break past the skin barrier to get actives deep inside your skin.

4 Easy Steps!

Step 1 Facial Cleansing

Remove you makeup,clean and dry your face before use.

Step 2 Skincare

Apply face cream to the face or apply cold sore cream to the acne area, gently massage the cream into your skin.

Step 3 Target Treatment

Install the Fibre Optic Tip for helping you target specific skin conditions.

Full-spectrum LED light helps penetrates into the deeper skin layers.

Step 4 5 Mins Per Day

Once finished, press the button to turn on your device.

Target the area you want to treat, just 5-10 mins per day. Clinically proven to increase healing process.