Usuie Mouth Sore Treatment Device


Usuie Mouth Sore Treatment Device


           Mega Power, Mini Sized

Red light therapy has been shown to improve the flow of blood to inflamed tissues that help in healing inflammation. 


Supported By Sciences & Experts

Dr. Judson Wall 

Talks About The Benefits of Light Therapy

We collaborate with Dr. Judson Wall to develop this red light device.

Dr. Wall is a dentist located in Bountiful, Utah, and is one of the leaders in biological dentistry. He provides holistic dental training through

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation and low-level light therapy (LLLT), is known for its healing, skin regenerating, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Usuie cold sore treatment device is designed with prodessional wavelengths ranging from 660nm (red light) to 850nm (near-infrared light), and it is FDA cleared and recommended by therapists!

I can’t believe how fast it works!

 I have suffered from canker sores for several years, they are gross, ghastly, and extremely painful. The canker sores often recur, especially in the dry winter.

And these unwelcome blisters can strike anytime and become difficult to deal with, I took antiviral medicine to treat it before, which were effective at first, but gradually it didn't work, the antibiotics don't work against viruses anymore.

Until I found this device, I bought this red light device on the recommendation of a doctor. After two sessions of continuous use, the pain basically disappeared completely, the redness and swelling disappeared by 90%, and basically recovered within two days.

I’m astounded that it started working so quickly and so well.


96% Success Rate

Research has confirmed that Red and NIR Light are effective in faster healing time on oral herpes using wavelengths ranging from 660nm to 850nm.

Red light effectively reduces healing time and pain, with up to 96% of users reporting that it effectively resolves canker sores.

Light therapy can be one of the best cold sore light treatments for herpes labialis and comparable to over-the-counter meds.

Extra-Powerful and Extra-Light Handheld Class II Medical Device

Professional Red Light Therapy With Clinical-Grade Power

Usuie Handheld Red Light Therapy Device Pro 2,0 delivers wavelengths that can penetrate 2 inches deep into the skin and helps you manage sores and ulcers inside the mouth. Near-Infrared Red Light has a longer wavelength and penetrates deeply. Light with similar frequencies has been shown in scientific research to reduce pain and help manage outbreaks. With clinically-grade power, these lights are safe for use by children and adults alike.

Acupuncture Points Therapy

One study found that Red Light Therapy as a Stand-Alone Treatment can activate acupuncture points in the body and provide a beneficial physiological effect. Red Light Therapy can replace traditional acupuncture and moxibustion. Red Light Therapy can produce many of the same benefits as acupuncture. In addition, one Red Light Therapy pad can treat a larger area than an acupuncture needle. The upcoming development trend in red light therapy may replace traditional acupuncture and moxibustion.

These acupuncture points are proved powerful:

  • LI-4, LI-12, LI-10, LI-20
  • ST-17, ST-25, ST-36
  • SP-6, BL-22

Lip Sore Treatment For Home Use

We specially designed a new type of curved tube for dentists to meet patient needs in dental clinics.

Red light therapy uses a specific level of heat and doesn’t hurt or burn oral mucosa, meanwhile, it can reduce the number of inflammatory cells, increases the proliferation of fibroblasts that synthesize collagen and other matrix macromolecules, stimulates angiogenesis, that means create new blood vessels, and activates the mouth's anti-inflammatory, antioxidant reaction.

Fast Healing in 2 weeks

USUIE Red Light Therapy device is easy to use from anywhere!

You can use your Red Light Therapy device to manage oral sores on the lips and around the mouth.

We make sure everyone can be easily trained to use light therapy at home to regularly take control of their health.