Usuie Period Pain Heating Pad With Red Light Therapy

$129.99 USD $159.99 -19% OFF

Usuie Period Pain Heating Pad With Red Light Therapy

$129.99 USD $159.99 -19% OFF
A verified and effective natural treatment for menstrual cramps

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Reduces menstrual pain by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation

Has no side effects and is a natural alternative for pain relief

Non-invasive method that does not require any incisions, injections, or medication

Convenient and can be easily used at home

Affordable option for period pain relief

Can be a useful complementary therapy to medical treatment

Promotes relaxation and reduces stress, which can contribute to overall well-being during menstruation


Get Rid of Period Cramps Forever At Home In 4 Sessions!

You can get more done in your daily activities. Instead of feeling irritated and tired, you feel lighter and more relaxed.

1st Cycle

The Usuie Period Pain Relief Pad delivers specific light wavelengths that can penetrate up to 10mm deeper into your muscles, reducing inflammation and easing cramp pain. As shown in the chart, VAS pain scores in the experimental group decreased from 8 to 2.75 in the first week after wearing the Usuie Red & NIR belt.

2-3 Cycles

After 2-3 treatment sessions, menstrual cramps are significantly reduced, with the pain scale decreasing to 1. The duration of menstrual pain also decreased from 1.82 days before using the Red & NIR belt to 0.96 days after using it.

4 Cycles

After 4 sessions of using the Usuie Period Pain Relief Pad daily, hormone levels will be balanced, resulting in long-lasting relief from cramp pain. Unlike medication, it is not necessary to use the pad all the time as the effect is lasting.


Symptoms of Menstrual Cramps

Light therapy is the best complementary and fundamental treatment for menstrual pain.

Prostaglandins are lipid substances synthesized by the endometrial and uterine muscle cells, which are continuously released during menstruation. Prostaglandins promote uterine contractions, leading to muscle spasms and contractions that facilitate the shedding of the endometrial lining, which is a normal physiological process during menstruation. However, If there is an excessive release of prostaglandins, the uterus may contract excessively, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

Experiencing Painful Periods? 

  • Pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic region

  • Back pain

  • Headache or migraine

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Diarrhea or constipation

  • Fatigue

  • Mood changes

Controlling prostaglandins means controlling menstrual cramps

Cramps are caused by the hormone-like lipids called prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins make your uterus contract to help get rid of its lining.

Uterine muscles press against nearby blood vessels and will cut off oxygen to the uterus.

The lack of oxygen that causes your pain and cramping.

Stop Period Cramps From Happening!

Usuie Period Pain Relief Pad is combined with Red and NIR Light that's clinically proven to relieve moderate to severe endometriosis pain.

Real Clinical Results

PMS Symptoms were significantly reduced in the first menstrual cycle after the use of Red & NIR Light.

As shown on the left, the women who used red light therapy experienced significantly less dysmenorrhea than those who did not use it, and continued use resulted in even better results(Data Source

The results of this study are supported by the fact that Red and NIR light are effective in relieving menstrual pain in women and shortening the duration of menstrual pain. LLLT can also eliminate the causes of dysmenorrhea. Red & NIR light can truly improve the quality of life for women before and after menstruation.)


Symptoms of Menstrual Cramps

Improving the circulation of oxygenated blood in the body

Light therapy has been shown to reduce the production of prostaglandins, which are hormones responsible for the inflammation and pain associated with menstrual cramps. Red and near-infrared light can penetrate the skin and tissues, which can stimulate the mitochondria in cells to produce more energy. This increase in energy production can lead to a decrease in the production of prostaglandins, resulting in reduced inflammation and pain. Additionally, light therapy can improve blood flow and circulation, which can further reduce inflammation and help to speed up the healing process.

Help to Ease Pain and Discomfort

Some studies have shown that red light therapy can help to reduce the severity and frequency of PMS symptoms, including headaches, mood changes, and breast tenderness. This may be due in part to the fact that red light therapy can help to reduce inflammation and improve circulation, which can help to alleviate some of the physical symptoms associated with PMS. Additionally, some research has suggested that red light therapy may be able to help regulate hormone levels, which can play a role in PMS symptoms.

Get A 20 minutes Session At Home

Relief For Period Cramps

Made to Move

The coverage area of the pad is ergonomically designed to cover a large area hot compress, which can covers the entire waist, warming the waist muscles from the inside out.

Disappears on your body for on the go heat and you can wear it when work, sleep, gym, and even travel.

No More Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottle does not provide heat automatically and it is not safe cause it is easy to burst or leak.

The Usuie Red Light Therapy Pad for pain relief is a scientifically proven, 100% Natural and drug free wrap, which can help balance your hormones and relievepain from menstrual cramps.


The Breakthrough Usuie Period Pain Relief Pad

Precise Temperature Control

Usuie Period Pain Pad delivers exact light wavelengths, which can reach up to 10mm depper into your muscle and better relieve your menstrual pain, and help soothe cramps.

And Usuie deep healing pad can warm up in 5 seconds, adopt precise temperature detection, it will keep a constant temperature when using. So it is prefectly safe and won't burn your skin.

Anti-water & Anti-sweat

The period pain relief pad design with fully sealed waterproof high degree of protection (Waterproof IP64), R]resistant from any water based liquid, and can be washable and it keeps you cooler and drier while you using the pad, so you do not need to worry about the sweat or water, and it is convenient for cleaning.

2 X Adjustable Belts

We offer two different sizes of belts for you to choose from. The heated waist belts with adjustable waist size, which are easy to adjusts tight or loose, suitable for most people.