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After communicating with numerous distributors, we have found that cost-effectiveness is the core concern for everyone. The support from the brand to the distributors should not be limited to providing profitable products. It should also ensure that the distributors can simplify the communication process with end customers. This includes, but is not limited to, posters, manuals, online advertising support, and sharing our own customer resources with the distributors' stores. In this regard, we have a series of policies to support the sales of distributors.

New products are constantly emerging

We are committed to addressing various ailments of our customers, and we firmly believe that non-invasive treatment options like red light therapy are highly beneficial to users. Therefore, we continuously integrate red light technology into various therapeutic devices for different medical conditions.

Become a Part of Pain Management

Many of our products aim to address the pain issues of end customers. Red light therapy, being a non-invasive product, is considered one of the methods for pain treatment. The best approach would be to integrate it into the customers' pain management protocols or agreements to assist them in their recovery.

We specialize in wearable red light devices

In our opinion, expensive and bulky red light panel lamps are not suitable for promoting to the general public. Wearable devices are more suitable for household use, as long as the technology keeps up, the effectiveness can be on par with medical-grade devices.

Already collaborated with numerous doctors

During our development process, we have encountered numerous professional clients who have provided us with valuable expertise. They have offered insights from medical perspectives and have made several constructive suggestions for product improvement. Their collaboration has assisted us in developing unique products that are rarely found in the market, such as the consumer-grade red light therapy device with a wavelength of 980nm. We are deeply grateful for their contributions.

Various certificates, such as FDA

Compliance is the foundation for any therapy product, and we ensure that our products meet all necessary regulations. We possess the required certifications for sales, including FDA and CE certifications, which are essential for selling in the United States and Europe respectively.

Adequate stock is available in our US warehouse

We have warehouses in both the United States and Europe. Within the US, we offer expedited shipping through UPS, ensuring delivery within 3 days, with the option for 2-day delivery in some areas. We understand that logistics efficiency is crucial for both you and your customers, and we continuously explore faster and more reliable shipping methods to assist our clients.

Successful Case

Emilie Frank

Store Manager

After months of hard work, they unveiled their flagship product, the Usuie Pro. This sleek and portable device offered a variety of light therapy programs, targeting different health concerns such as skin rejuvenation, mood enhancement, and pain relief. Its advanced features and scientifically validated technology set it apart from the competition.

Lewis Todd

Slae Manager

To introduce their product to the world, Alex, Sarah, and Mark devised a comprehensive marketing strategy. They leveraged social media platforms, collaborated with influencers, and organized educational webinars and workshops to raise awareness about the benefits of light therapy and showcase the effectiveness of their Usuie Pro.

Maria Holmes


With their combined expertise in business, marketing, and product development, Alex, Sarah, and Mark pooled their resources and founded a company called Usuie Therapeutics. They were determined to design and manufacture high-quality light therapy devices that could be used in the comfort of one's home, bringing the benefits of this therapy directly to people's lives.


Our brand has been deeply rooted in the United States for three years, serving over ten thousand satisfied American customers.

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We take full responsibility for all product after-sales services

Usuie owns a professional brand team that integrates R&D, design, production, and sales. Currently, it has a team of about 60 people, of which the product R&D team accounts for more than 50%.

It is a professional and R&D-focused team. We are a professional brand that offers value to our customers with honesty, integrity, and listening to their needs. We don't sell false hope. We listen to our user's needs and design products based on their feedback.

Our customer service team is accessible round-the-clock to help with any questions or concerns you may have about your order or the device itself. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, and it's one of our top priorities.