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Handheld Red Light Therapy Device
Handheld Red Light Therapy Device $99.00 $149.00
Portable and light-weight for Your Comfort and Convenience Improve the Healing and Recovery Process of Joint Pain, Nerve Pain, Injuries, and more Targeted Treatment and Heal Deeper, up to 2'' Recommend Daily Use – Just 5 Minutes per Session FDA Class II Medical Device and Manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility  60 Days for Free Return                                    Mega Power, Mini Sized Red light therapy has been shown to improve the flow of blood to the inflamed tissues that help in healing inflammation.  -DR VAL FLOTT
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Red Light Therapy Wrap/Pad
Red Light Therapy Wrap/Pad $99.00 $169.00
If you are suffering tension and pain in your neck, shoulder, leg, and other areas, the flex-wrap can help you with joint pain, muscle tension, inflammation, and fatigue. Click Here to Know More Benefits.  It is designed for using on a Target Part - shoulder, knee, hand, leg, etc. Assist in the recovery process of Joint Pain, Nerve Pain, Injuries, and more. It Helps You To Get Relief From Your Pains Within The First Week. Recommend Daily Use - 15 Minutes per Session for Efficient Results. FDA Class II Medical Device for Safe Treatment. 60 Days for Free Return             Fast Healing & Recovering Usuie Red light therapy pad provides deep penetrating pain relief to your body's pain points through easily portable and practical treatment––wherever you are, your red light therapy can follow.  -DR VAL FLOTT
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Tanning Goggle Red Light Therapy Glasses
Tanning Goggle Red Light Therapy Glasses $19.90 $29.90
Anti-Fog Coating coating 【Tanning Glasses】 Made of ultra light material, tanning glasses won't press the bridge of the nose. The polished edges of the frame are smoother. The side grille adopts a ventilation and anti-fog design. USUIE glasses can reduce your feeling of glare and eye fatigue, allowing you to enjoy sunbathing on the beach 【Red light therapy】 When you are enjoying red light therapy, you can wear USUIE glasses to prevent exposure to direct red light and reduce its damage to your eyes. As such, the glasses can protect your eyes in all directions. 【High-quality materials】USUIE glasses are made of durable high-quality polycarbonate materials. The combination of cool appearance and elegant texture makes the glasses the most sought-after gift for friends and family members. 【Maintenance method】The anti-fog safety glasses can be cleaned directly in water. The complimentary glasses cloth and glasses case can help you better protect your glasses. The packing list includes:1 pair of glasses, 1 glasses case, 1 piece of glasses cloth, and 1 exquisite glasses case. 【Attentive service】We provide you not only with high quality glasses, but also top-notch customer services. If your glasses are damaged during normal use, please contact us and we will replace your glasses with a new pair in time.


More than 350 million people have joint pain with arthritis globally.

- Global RA Network, 2021

Are You Still Suffering These Pain?

Chronic pain, joint pain, inflammation, injuries, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, and other physical pain.

Have You Tried Everything to Relieve Pain?

How can you take your health into your own hands and gain control of your recovery?

Is the Cost of Treatment High for You?

A single session of only 15 minutes could be anywhere from $25 to $200.

Try Red Light Therapy At Home

Wherever and Whenever You Need It

Gone are the days of relying on expensive and inconvenient spas and health care clinics for the administration of red light therapy.

You can enjoy the same qualifications as hospital-grade equipment and therefore provide the same effects as the expensive and inconvenient treatments offered elsewhere.

How Can Red Light Therapy Support

Your Health?

Skin Health

The most popular use of red light therapy is skin rejuvenation, including improving skin complexion, reducing signs of aging, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing skin roughness, and treating chronic skin disorders. Red light also shows promise for reducing sun damage, lightening sun spots, and smoothing overall skin tone and collagen production.


One of the hallmarks of red light therapy is its soothing effect on inflammation, especially chronic inflammation that causes damaging oxidative stress in cells. Numerous studies have confirmed this effect. Inflammation is one of the key causes of chronic conditions and disease. Take measures to reduce inflammation and give your body's self-healing mechanisms a powerful boost.

Sleep Optimization

A study of 20 athletes revealed significant benefits of red light therapy on sleep quality and subsequent endurance performance. Consider replacing some screen time in the evening with red light therapy and get the triple benefits of improved sleep, reduced risk of macular degeneration, and reduced disturbances to your circadian rhythm.

Muscle Recovery

Athletes and weekend warriors alike can precondition their muscles to prevent injury and prime the body for peak performance with a short red light therapy session before a workout or competition.Red light therapy will speed muscle recovery and stimulate, heal, and regenerate damaged muscle and connective tissue. Even more importantly, it can help prevent injury.


Usuie Light Therapy are official FDA Class II Medical Devicesand manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

What Professionals Are Saying


So far red light therapy has been tested in a number of scientific fields and there is substantial scientific evidence that it works. For example, red light therapy has been shown to promote collagen production that helps in minimizing the premature aging. The result is healthy looking youthful skin with less wrinkles & fine lines.

Ayesha Khan (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

Study conducted by Luciana Langella and associates suggested that Red Light therapy helps in reducing the formation of inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α and IL-8 in patients after surgery compared to control group.
Red Light Therapy helps in the management of muscle and joint inflammatory.

Dr. Steph Dorworth (Doctor of Physical therapy)

Red light therapies have been used for over a century for the purpose of natural healing. Red light can stimulate your cell and the mitochondria takes this light and uses it to create more energy. So red light therapy actually takes works for the body in terms of healing by allowing the cell to create more energy and also by improving blood flow.