Usuie Red Light Therapy Skincare Wand



Usuie Red Light Therapy Skincare Wand



Product description

Clinically-proven and recommended by dermatologists worldwide
Combines 4 powerful skin-health boosting technologies for the ultimate pre-programmed 5-minute daily treatment
Removes blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars
Powerful anti-aging benefits promote cell renewal and improve skin elasticity
Gentle and non-invasive beauty treatment perfect for at-home use
Use in combination with Renew Complex Serum for transformative results
Renew Complex Serum packed with nourishing ingredients
Red light therapy wand and Renew Complex Serum work in harmony to firm the skin
Results seen in as little as a few weeks
Say goodbye to expensive salon treatments and hello to at-home skincare
Achieve a confident and radiant glow with our red light therapy wand and Renew Complex Serum.

Magnetic charging, convenient to use, no need to worry about compatibility issues.

Breakthrough Advancements In Skincare

The optimal range of LED red light at 630nm helps deeply rejuvenate the skin and promotes new collagen formation. More effective than regular massage wand, and 10x faster.

360° Rotating Head

Usuie Red Light Therapy Wand can be roated 360° to reach different areas, like eyes, checks, jaw, neck and upper lip.

Radiant & Rejuvenated

Science-backed LED light therapy and Microcurrent helps to increase the absorption of skin care products with up to 3x deeper penetration, accelerates skin blood circulation, reduce redness, boosts the skin's glow and controls oil secretion.

Get Your Best Skin In 2 Weeks!

94% of our client obtain good results, it may not work for your condition. Most people reported their skin looked more vibrant and lifted after using the Usuie Red Light Therapy Wand for 14 days.

Experience A Supercharged Facial

It will be very expensive if you do a skincare at a beauty center. So we invented a pro skincare wand that you can get the full benefits of the skincare treatments, from the comfort of your home.