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Red Light Therapy

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Handheld-rotes LichttherapiegerÀt Handheld-rotes LichttherapiegerÀt
Handheld-rotes LichttherapiegerÀt $99.00 $149.00
Tragbares und leichtes Gewicht fĂŒr Ihren Komfort und den Komfort Verbessern Sie den Heilungs- und Erholungsprozess von Gelenkschmerzen, Nervenschmerzen, Verletzungen und mehr Gezielte Behandlung und heile tiefer, bis zu 2 '' Empfehlen Sie den tĂ€glichen Gebrauch - 5 Minuten pro Sitzung, um effiziente Ergebnisse zu erzielen FDA-Klasse II Medizinprodukt und hergestellt in der FDA-registrierten Einrichtung 60 Tage zur kostenlosen RĂŒckkehr            Mega Power, Mini-GrĂ¶ĂŸe Es wurde gezeigt, dass die rote Lichttherapie den Blutfluss in das entzĂŒndete Gewebe verbessert, die bei der Heilung der EntzĂŒndung helfen. -Dr Val Flott.
Usuie Cold Sore Treatment Device Usuie Cold Sore Treatment Device
Usuie Cold Sore Treatment Device $159.00
                             Mega Power, Mini Sized Red light therapy has been shown to improve the flow of blood to inflamed tissues that help in healing inflammation.  -DR VAL FLOTT
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Period Cramp Relief Heating Pad Period Cramp Relief Heating Pad
Period Cramp Relief Heating Pad $39.99 $59.00
Period Cramps Relief: The Period Pain Relief Heating Pad is designed to provide solutions for women's abdominal discomfort or menstrual pain caused by menstruation, allowing you to relax more comfortably at home. Painful menstrual periods and other disorders might occur if the lower abdomen feels cold. Every woman needs a heating pad. 3 Heating Level: Usuie 2-1 Instant Period Pain Relief Pad allows you to customize a set for yourself to achieve the ultimate comfort by simply pressing the button to change the levels. 4 Vibration Massage Mode: Usuie wireless portable heating pad has 4-speed vibration modes, reaching up to 10mm professional amplitude to penetrate into your muscle and better relieve your menstrual pain, back pain, soreness and tightness. Adjustable Belt: The heating pad for cramps comes with an adjustable elastic belt that can stretch up to 52 inches, with extension straps, the size can be adjusted to suit different body types. Skin-Friendly Fabrics: The lightweight heating pad uses customized high-end environmentally friendly skin-friendly fabrics, which are light and thin, highly elastic, breathable, soft, and more comfortable to fit the skin. (Warm Tips: Do not use the massage while it is charging for safety.)
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Red Light Therapy Neck Pain Treatment Device Red Light Therapy Neck Pain Treatment Device
Red Light Therapy Neck Pain Treatment Device $79.00 $129.00
Led Light Therapy Devices: Design for neck pain relief, which is made of  630 wavelengths of red lights and  880 wavelengths of near-infrared lights. Distributed around the Cervical spine to promote circulation and relax the muscle for better neck pain relief. Red & Infrared Light Therapy: 630nm red light can reach the deep layers of the skin to stimulate cellular repair and promote circulation. 880nm infrared light is deeply penetrating for bones, joints, nerves, and muscles to deeply reach your neck and help you relax muscles, reduce pain and improve recovery. Ergonomic Design: This red light therapy for the neck has SMD Newest Technology that has one square light including three light sources (2*630nm Red light & 1*880nm infrared light) making the light therapy more intensive and effective. And it is softer and flatter for therapy use. Safe Solution: Our infrared light therapy neck pad is recommended by doctors that is drug-free and harmless. Designed for pain relief, muscle relaxation, sports injuries, and so on. Work with an auto shut-off timer for 20 minutes, this device can be used multiple times per day, and it is safe for all skin types. Warranty and Package Included: There is one infrared light therapy neck device, one Android charger, and ONE-YEAR FULL WARRANTY on the whole product. 
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Rotes Lichtwickel/PadmassagegerÀt Rotes Lichtwickel/PadmassagegerÀt
Rotes Lichtwickel/PadmassagegerÀt $99.00 $169.00
Wenn Sie unter Spannung und Schmerzen in Ihrem Hals, Schulter, Bein und anderen Teilen leiden, kann diese Flex-Wrap Ihnen wirklich helfen, wenn Sie in den Bereichen Kombi1600Schmerzen, Muskelspannung, EntzĂŒndung und MĂŒdigkeit leiden. Klicken Hier. mehr Vorteile zu erfahren. Kombi1600;   Design fĂŒr die Verwendung auf Target Teil - Schulter, Knie, Hand, Bein, etc. Recovery Process of Joint Pain, Nerve Pain, Verletzung und mehr. Es hilft, Ihre Schmerzen innerhalb der ersten Woche zu lindern. Empfehlen Sie die tĂ€gliche Verwendung von - 15 Minuten pro Sitzung, um effiziente Ergebnisse zu erhalten. Medizinisches GerĂ€t der FDA Klasse II fĂŒr sichere Behandlung. 60 Tage fĂŒr die kostenlose RĂŒckkehr im Mittelbereich 1600;           Schnelle Heilung Die Aufnahme von rotem Licht sorgt fĂŒr tiefe Schmerzlinderung fĂŒr den Schmerz Ihres Körpers. Punkte durch leicht tragbare und praktische Behandlung im Bereich der Kombi2-2-2;wo immer Sie sich befinden, kann Ihre rote Lichttherapie folgen. ohne160;- DR VAL FLOTT
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3-In-1 Low Back & Waist Massager With Heat 3-In-1 Low Back & Waist Massager With Heat
3-In-1 Low Back & Waist Massager With Heat $119.00 $179.00
3-In-1 Lower Back & Waist Massager (EMS*TENS*Heat): The Usuie Lower Back& Waist Massager uses professional medium-frequency pulse,  low-frequency TENS and LED red light wavelengths massage technology. Adjustable Lower Back & Waist Massager uses heat and massage to target deep tissue. 6 Pluse Modes& 16 Levels Massage Intensity: Built up with 6 electric pulse modes and 16 levels of intensity, which can satisfy your multiple massage demands and you can choose the most comfortable and acceptable intensity for yourself. 3 Heat Modes & Red Light Therapy: Provide with 100.4 & 107.6 & 111.3℉adjustable-temperature warm compress, which can help you adjust the temperature precisely and make you feel the most comfortable massage experience. And the massager is different from other ordinary massagers, it is combined with 600-650 LED red light which can penetrate deeply into the muscle, reaching 10mm. 3D & Ergonomic Design: This massager adopts 3D & ergonomic design, which can fit your lower back and waist perfectly. And it is made of highly elastic and breathable skin-friendly fabrics, which are light and soft.
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Rote GlĂŒhbirne Massagevorrichtung Rote GlĂŒhbirne Massagevorrichtung
Rote GlĂŒhbirne Massagevorrichtung $59.00 $99.00
Farbe schwarz GrĂ¶ĂŸe: 122mm. Diese Usuie-Lampe ist ein handheld-LichtgerĂ€t, das rote und in der NĂ€he von Infrarot-WellenlĂ€ngen (NIR) liefert. Kombination von 18 stĂŒcke 660nm tiefe rote Chips & 18 stĂŒcke 850nm in der NĂ€he von Infrarot-Chips. Dies ist die geeignetste WellenlĂ€nge, um die mitochondriale AktivitĂ€t menschlicher Zellen zu aktivieren.
Red Light Therapy Wrap/Pad Red Light Therapy Wrap/Pad
Red Light Therapy Wrap/Pad $99.00
If you are suffering tension and pain in your neck, shoulder, leg, and other areas, the flex-wrap can help you with joint pain, muscle tension, inflammation, and fatigue. Click Here to Know More Benefits.  Note: Red Light Therapy Pad DOES NOT include a power bank. It is designed for using on a Target Part - shoulder, knee, hand, leg, etc. Assist in the recovery process of Joint Pain, Nerve Pain, Injuries, and more. It Helps You To Get Relief From Your Pains Within The First Week. Recommend Daily Use - 15 Minutes per Session for Efficient Results. FDA Class II Medical Device for Safe Treatment. 60 Days for Free Return             Fast Healing & Recovering Usuie Red light therapy pad provides deep penetrating pain relief to your body's pain points through easily portable and practical treatment––wherever you are, your red light therapy can follow.  -DR VAL FLOTT
USUIE Red Light Infrared Therapy Device For Hand Pain Relief Glove USUIE Red Light Infrared Therapy Device For Hand Pain Relief Glove
USUIE Red Light Infrared Therapy Device For Hand Pain Relief Glove $99.00
【Effective Relief Hand Pain 】USUIE red light therapy for hands is designed to relieve hand pain and arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel, and speed up injury recovery. This device automatically powers off after 20 minutes. For a better experience, apply it to one part once or twice a day. 【Double Effect】 Compared with traditional single-chip gloves, we adopted 60 dual-chip LED lamp beads. Red light can penetrate deep skin, which can bring better physiotherapy efficacy, and is twice that of other products, which are equipped with only 30 single-chip LED lamp beads. 【Proven Safety Wavelengths】 Red light therapy device has been tested to effectively relieve pain and inflammation, and repair skin and anti-skin aging. Each lamp bead can simultaneously emit visible red light and invisible infrared rays, 660NM (red light) and 880NM (near-infrared light) are safe, painless, no side effects. 【Breathable Design】Breathable mesh and detachable design can keep your hands cool in summer without producing an unpleasant smell. Only a wet towel or wet paper towel can be used to wipe the LED luminous surface; It cannot be washed or brushed. 【Thoughtful Gift】 We have customized an effective, safe, portable and affordable red light therapy pad for you. Suitable for hands of all sizes, don't worry about your hands being too big or small. It is a nice physical pain relief solution for mom, grandma, grandpa, and friends as a gift.
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Tanning Goggle Red Light Therapy Glasses Tanning Goggle Red Light Therapy Glasses
Tanning Goggle Red Light Therapy Glasses $19.90 $29.90
Anti-Fog Coating coating 【Tanning Glasses】 Made of ultra light material, tanning glasses won't press the bridge of the nose. The polished edges of the frame are smoother. The side grille adopts a ventilation and anti-fog design. USUIE glasses can reduce your feeling of glare and eye fatigue, allowing you to enjoy sunbathing on the beach 【Red light therapy】 When you are enjoying red light therapy, you can wear USUIE glasses to prevent exposure to direct red light and reduce its damage to your eyes. As such, the glasses can protect your eyes in all directions. 【High-quality materials】USUIE glasses are made of durable high-quality polycarbonate materials. The combination of cool appearance and elegant texture makes the glasses the most sought-after gift for friends and family members. 【Maintenance method】The anti-fog safety glasses can be cleaned directly in water. The complimentary glasses cloth and glasses case can help you better protect your glasses. The packing list includes:1 pair of glasses, 1 glasses case, 1 piece of glasses cloth, and 1 exquisite glasses case. 【Attentive service】We provide you not only with high quality glasses, but also top-notch customer services. If your glasses are damaged during normal use, please contact us and we will replace your glasses with a new pair in time.
Pro Accessories Pro Accessories
Pro Accessories $49.00
We specially designed a new type of curved tube for dentists to meet patient needs in dental clinics. The fiber optic tip is compatible with all of the USUIE Red Light Therapy Devices.

Dr. Val Flott spricht ĂŒber Red Lichttherapie

Wissen Sie, wie rotes Licht funktioniert?

In diesem Video wird Dr. Val Flott wir tief in das Reich der roten Lichttherapie tauchen fĂŒhren.

Tragbare Rotlicht-Therapie-Pad

Bewegen und bleiben Sie wÀhrend der Behandlung aktiv!

  • Tiefe Heilung bis zu 2 '' in der Haut.
  • Pidpoint und leicht heilen Sie Gebiete, die Aufmerksamkeit wie Ihre Schultern, Hals, RĂŒcken, Knie oder HĂŒften brauchen, und entlasten Sie schnell Schmerzen, ErmĂŒdung und Beschwerden.
  • Aktivieren Sie die Zellregeneration und beschleunigen Sie die Heilung mit dem Dual-Chip-Objektiv mit rotem Licht und nahezu infrarotem Licht.
  • Die HĂ€ufigkeit von 73 Hz schwingt tief mit Zellen und MolekĂŒlen, um den Heilungsprozess zu beschleunigen.
  • FDA-Zulassung, um die AktivitĂ€t Ihrer Zellen zu fördern und den Heilungsprozess zuzĂŒnden, damit Sie in kĂŒrzester Zeit so gut wie neu fĂŒhlen können!

Handheld-rotes LichttherapiegerÀt

  • Tiefe Heilung bis zu 2 '' in der Haut.
  • VollstĂ€ndig tragbar und leicht fĂŒr Ihren Komfort und den Komfort.
  • Behandeln Sie eine Vielzahl von Körperbereichen mit seiner einfachen Gestaltung und Funktion.
  • Perfekt fĂŒr gezielte Behandlungen zu bestimmten Bereichen des Körpers.
  • Doktor-empfohlenes und fDA-lösendes GerĂ€t.
  • FDA-Klasse II-Medizinprodukt, das 600 nm rote Lichtchips und 850 nm nahezu-Infrarot-rote Lichtchips fĂŒr beste Ergebnisse kombiniert.
  • Verbessern Sie den Heilungs- und Erholungsprozess von Gelenkschmerzen, Nervenschmerzen, Verletzungen und mehr.

Möchten Sie mehr ĂŒber die rote Lichttherapie erfahren?