In the United States, over 350 million people are suffering arthritis pains. The cost of arthritis is more than 303.5 billion every year.

How can 10,000 people relieve pains with portable & deep healing Red Light Therapy?

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Portable Knee/Joint Pain Relief Red Light Therapy Pad(Battery Included)

$129.00 USD $159.00 -19% OFF

Portable Knee/Joint Pain Relief Red Light Therapy Pad(Battery Included)

$129.00 USD $159.00 -19% OFF
Product description


  • 660nm red light can reach the deep layes of the skin to promote the circulation. 880nm infrared light is deeply penetrating for joints and muscles to deeply reach your knee. It helps speed up pain relief and eliminate inflammation, great for sport injuries, joint pain and muscle relax.
  • With a 1800 mAh high-performing battery, and a lightweight of 1.4lbs, the knee heating pad is truly a Wireless all-rounder. Enjoy a relaxing and pain-relieving knee light therapy, no matter in the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world
  • This knee massager has 2 heating modes, from low setting of 105°F, to high heating level of up to 140°F, Great for soothing stiff joints and tired muscles, and boosting blood circulation.
  • If you suffer from arthritis and knee pain for a long time, this red light therapy device is ideal for you.Our red light therapy device work with many doctors who use them on athletes. And it shows good results on muscle pain relief and promotes recovery for the knee and elbow!
  • A great gift for someone with arthritis, knee pain. We provide 1 year quality guarantee, if you have any questions about the knee and elbow pain therapy device, please contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.


Built-in battery has been included

You can use it anytime, anywhere without restrictions, even when doing outdoor activities. It can be carried along for instant relief of pain and muscle relaxation.

Two wavelengths

Having wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm, it directly activates cells in deep tissues and alleviates pain.

Multiple body parts can be used

Compact design for targeted body part treatment, convenient attachment with complimentary straps.

Multiple Scenarios for Everyday Use

A single charge can last for 3-5 uses, and it can be carried with you. It's suitable for outdoor activities and travel.